How to Fix Slow GPS Locking on HTC Thunderbolt

If you are experiencing slow or inaccurate GPS locking on the HTC Thunderbolt, there is a free app that can help you get a GPS lock quicker. This is for users of stock HTC Thunderbolt phones or rooted phones. While there is reportedly a new HTC Thunderbolt firmware that should help with getting a GPS fix, this solution only takes a second and is available to all users.

How to Fix Slow GPS Locking on the HTC Thunderbolt

1. Download GPS Status & Toolbox from the Android Market – Free.

2. Open the GPS Status & Toolbox

3. Press Menu -> Tools

4. Tap on Manage A-GPS state

5. Tap Reset

6. Tap Download

7. Enjoy faster GPS locking.

This helped greatly in our case, but we still have a few places where GPS seems to take obscenely long to lock. Hopefully the new radio from Verizon will fix this issue.