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How to Get Faster Shipping on Amazon During COVID-19 Delays



Are you frustrated with items that are out of stock or not shipping until the end of the month on Amazon? There is an easy way to find items in stock and to get things shipped to you faster even during the COVID-19 delays.

In some cases, you can even use this to get items that are hard to find in stock on Amazon and locally.

You’ll need to be aware that using this method may mean a higher price, but sometimes you will still be able to choose to buy from Amazon.

Make sure that you know how much the item should cost, or you might end up paying too much.

Look for this to get faster Amazon shipping during COVID-19.

When you search for something on Amazon and see a delivery date that is far out or no option to add to your cart, what you need to look for is the “New & Used (#) from $xx.xx” or “New (#) from $xx.xx” on the page. This will be listed on the right side near Other Sellers on Amazon or right below the item.

When you click on this, you will see other sellers that offer the product. In some cases this allows you to see faster shipping dates. Many times you can get faster shipping with Prime. In some instances, you may need to pay for shipping. You’ll need to decide if that is worth it.

Get faster shipping on Amazon.

While looking for Clorox wipes, I found one source that could ship to me by Saturday, which is faster than all the other options.

You can use this trick to find faster shipping on Amazon for almost anything right now. It won’t always work, as some items are actually out of stock or unavailable to ship faster, but if you look around often enough you will find a way to get things delivered faster.

Use this link to get started with your search for faster shipping on Amazon.

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