How to Get Your Free Gear VR Adapter for Galaxy Note 9
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How to Get Your Free Gear VR Adapter for Galaxy Note 9



We have good news for VR fans that bought the Galaxy Note 9. Samsung’s big new phone doesn’t fit the Gear VR headset. Thankfully, the company will give owners a free Gear VR USB Type-C adapter for the Note 9. Here’s what you need to know, what to expect, and how to get yours.

Basically, if you bought the Note 9 and have a VR headset, or plan on buying one, you’ll need this free adapter to enjoy that big 6.4-inch screen in virtual reality.

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Being slightly bigger than last years Galaxy Note 8, the phone doesn’t quite fit the Gear VR and the port doesn’t line up correctly. As a result, some users ended up sanding down the USB port to make it fit. If you don’t want to risk ruining your VR headset follow our instructions below and Samsung will take care of you.

How to Get Your Free Gear VR Adapter for Galaxy Note 9

Redeeming your free USB Type-C adapter so you can enjoy the Gear VR with your Galaxy Note 9 is really easy. You’ll just contact Samsung with the phone number below and prove you bought the Note, and they’ll send it to you for free. Additionally, owners can download the Samsung+ app from the Google Play Store and tap the “Support” button to get started that way too.

“The Note9 is compatible with your existing Gear VR, but a new Type-C adapter is required.”  and “Current owners of the Gear VR with Controller (model SM-R325) can obtain the new adapter at no cost by contacting 1-800-Samsung.”

This is everything you need to know according to Samsung. After Note 9 owners went through the troubleshooting page regarding the Gear VR, this was found by SamMobile. Unfortunately, Samsung didn’t make it very clear whether or not its new phone worked, and most buyers expected a new Gear VR to launch alongside the Galaxy Note 9 also, adding to the confusion.

  • Contact Samsung at 1-800-Samsung
  • Request a free Gear VR USB Type-C adapter for model SM-R325
  • Show proof of Galaxy Note 9 purchase
  • Wait 2-3 weeks (or longer) for delivery

Additionally, users can download the official Samsung+ app from the Google Play Store. This app is an all-in-one place for Samsung users. Giving you advice, tips, customer service, and more. In here you can request to chat, email, or call a Samsung customer support representative. Then, follow similar steps as above to request a free adapter. While you’re at it, redeem your free headphones or Fortnite V-Bucks with this guide.

For now, this is the only way to enjoy the Oculus-powered Samsung Gear VR with your Galaxy Note 9. Give Samsung a call and start enjoying that phone to the fullest. Then, we expect a new Gear VR of some sort will debut with the Galaxy S10 in early 2019.

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