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How to Get iOS 9.2 Early



You don’t need to wait for the iOS 9.2 release date to try the latest version of iOS that includes bug fixes and new iOS 9.2 features. Users can try the iOS 9.2 beta without waiting registering for a full developer account thanks to UDID registration services and to the Apple public beta program.

Here’s how you can try the iOS 9.2 update early and where you can find iOS 9.2 beta downloads that will allow you to get started.

Apple released the iOS 9.2 beta on October 27th and it is available on all devices that can run iOS 9.1, iOS 9 or iOS 8.

To use the iOS 9.2 beta you will need to join the Apple iOS beta program or you will need to pay to register your iPhone or iPad’s UDID. A UDID is a unique identifier for your device and registering it lets Apple know you are allowed to run the software.

How to try the iOS 9.2 beta early.

How to try the iOS 9.2 beta early.

We don’t know when the iOS 9.2 release date is for the public, but it could come later this year to fix iOS 9.1 bugs and any iPad Pro problems that arrive soon after release in November.

You don’t need to install iOS 9.1 before you upgrade to the iOS 9.2 beta if you don’t want to.

To use the iOS 9.2 beta you will need to register as an Apple Developer, as a member of the public beta or with a service like IMZDL that adds you to a developer account for a small fee.

How to Get Into the iOS 9.2 Beta

The official ways to try the iOS 9.2 beta are with Apple. At this time the only one is as an Apple Developer. The public iOS 9.2 beta typically is soon after the developer beta starts. If you don’t want want to wait, you can also pay to register your UDID.

Go here to pay and become an Apple Developer for the iPhone and iPad. This isa $99 fee that lasts for one year and allows you to register 100 devices, make apps and sell apps on the app store. You can also try the iOS betas.

One of the ways to try iOS 9.2 early.

One of the ways to try iOS 9.2 early.

You can also register for the Apple Beta program which is free to use and open to anyone. You can use this to try iOS 9.2 and OS X beta software. Go here to sign up for the Apple Beta program. Expect this to arrive in the coming days. It is not an option today.

The fastest option for many users is to pay a site like IMZDL to register their UDID which grants access to the iOS 9.2 beta and other betas for a year. If you already registered for the iOS 9 beta, you don’t need to register the same device again, but if you upgraded to a new iPhone you do need to pay again since the UDID is different.

iOS 9.2 Downloads

If you register with Apple for the public iOS 9.2 beta, you don’t need to look for iOS 9.2 downloads. It will appear on your iPhone like a regular update when it is available.

For users who are registered with IMZDL or other services you will need to find your own iOS 9.2 beta downloads. IMZDL offers links to torrent files for all the iOS 9.2 beta downloads you will need. Developers can find the iOS 9.2 beta downloads in their account on Apple.

Wherever you get your iOS 9.2 downloads, make sure your iPhone or iPad is registered with Apple.

How to Install the iOS 9.2 Beta

This guide will show you how to install the iOS 9.2 beta on your iPhone or iPad if you are a developer or if you paid a service like IMZDL. For users in the public iOS 9.2 beta program, check for an update in Settings, just like you normally would.

1. Register the iPhone or iPad UDID with IMZDL or Apple.

2. Make sure you are on the latest iTunes version.

3. Connect the iPhone to the computer and perform a backup to iTunes.

4. Download the iOS 9.2 Beta for your iPhone or iPad model.

What you need to go back to iOS 9 from the iOS 9.1 beta.

5. Open iTunes and upgrade to the iOS 9. Beta by choosing Upgrade.

  • Be sure to hold alt/option on Mac when you click Upgrade.
  • On Windows, hold Shift when you click Upgrade.

6. Find the .ipsw file you downloaded and select it.

7. Complete the installation.

With these directions you can upgrade to the iOS 9.2 beta without wiping your phone completely. This is a handy way to upgrade that simplifies the process.

What You Need to Know About the iOS 9.2 Beta?

If you upgrade to the iOS 9.2 beta you will not be able to jailbreak your iPhone and you may soon lose the option to downgrade to iOS 9.0.2, which is the last jailbreakable version of iOS 9 for the time being.

You can always downgrade from the iOS 9.2 beta to iOS 9.1, but when you do that you will need to erase the iPhone or iPad and you can only restore from a iOS 9.1 backup, not any you made on iOS 9.2.

Users who rely on the iPhone or iPad for work or school may not want to try the iOS 9.2 beta at this time. This update should bring fixes, but it may also break things.

iOS 9.2 Release: 10 Things to Know Right Now

You Can Try iOS 9.2 Right Now

You Can Try iOS 9.2 Right Now

The first thing you need to know about the iOS 9.2 release is that you can try it early. 

The iOS 9.2 update is going to go through the company's beta process so that Apple, its developers and its testing partners can weed out problems before the public release date. 

So, if you want to try iOS 9.2 out before the public release, you'll be able to. If you're interested, take a look at this guide.

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