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How to Read eBooks on Windows 10 2-in-1s & Tablets



The modern tablet and 2-in-1 are primarily made for content consumption. Watching a movie, listening to music and reading a book should be things that every device equipped with Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system is able to do. Sadly, that’s only the case with the first two activities; Windows 10 devices aren’t terribly great at doubling as eBook readers.

To be a decent eBook reader, a device needs a direct connection to an eBook store and an official app that takes advantage of its strengths. The new Windows Store offers games, movies, television shows and apps, but doesn’t sell eBooks at all. Because it doesn’t sell eBooks directly, Microsoft hasn’t seen fit to create a reading app that comes pre-loaded with Windows 10.

how to read ebooks on windows 10 2

Thankfully, there are other options for reading eBooks on devices loaded with Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.

Before We Begin

Because there’s no Microsoft-made way to read eBooks on a device with Windows 10 installed, you’re going to need to embrace a service made by another company. This means that you’ll need to create an account with that service and download an app for that service. Choose which service you’re going to use with great care, you want a service available on all of your devices that you trust – even your phone if your Windows 10 tablet or 2-in-1 should break for some reason. For iPhone users, that’s not a problem. Android and Windows Phone users might run into differences in the available apps.

How to Read eBooks on Windows 10 – Apps & Services


Kindle is Amazon’s eBook service and the main highlight of the eBook world as a whole. A lot of companies sell eBooks, but it’s the Kindle that popularized them and continues to try new things. Kindle apps offer listening, background syncing and an access to the new Kindle Unlimited subscription service.


The Kindle app available to Windows 10 users right now is barebones. The company has barely updated the thing since Windows first arrived, it isn’t expected to in the near future. Luckily, it supports the basic stuff that you need to read eBooks on Windows 10. There’s a built-in Kindle Store, syncing, bookmarking and notes. Through the Amazon website, you can take advantage of Kindle Unlimited, it seems.

There are Kindle apps available on iPhone and Android. Besides the Windows Store version, there’s a Kindle program for installing to the Windows desktop. That apps is even less likely to receive feature improvements and updates that the Windows Store version. Through a separate – and much more modern app – Windows 10 users can enjoy audible

[ Download Kindle for Windows ]



Nook is the other major provider of eBooks on Windows 10. Itss app lags behind the newer Windows 10 designs, but it works just fine. Sign up for a Nook account and you can purchase new eBooks straight from your device or the Nook website. Additionally, Nook has magazines and periodicals, something that Kindle on Windows doesn’t offer. Finally, Nook can read PDFs and ePub files from other sources, making it a great companion for repositories that offer out of print books that have expired copyrights.

Nook has an iPhone and Android app, but no app for Windows Phone.

[ Download Nook ]



Overdrive is different from other services in that it doesn’t want you to purchase books from it. Instead, it’s made specifically so that you can borrow books from local libraries. Besides the books themselves, Overdrive offers audiobook rentals too.

Overdrive has apps on every major mobile platform.

 [ Download Overdrive ]



Lastly, there’s Kobo, a dedicated eBook service that’s not as well-known as other services, but just as important. It’s rather basic in that it provides a no frills approach to reading books. Kobo has an online store stocked with millions of titles.

Kobo has apps on very major mobile platform.

[ Download Kobo ]


You can’t go wrong with any of these services, just know that once you decide on one, it’s best to stick with it for the duration. Like movies and television shows, different eBook services don’t work with titles from other platforms. For example, you can’t purchase an eBook from Amazon and read it in a Kobo app. The same goes for any periodicals that you subscribe to indefinitely.

how to read ebooks on windows 10

Chances are that you are comfortable reading with your 2-in-1 or tablet in portrait mode. If that’s the case, rotate your device then swipe from the right edge of your screen and look at the bottom of the Action Center. There are toggles for changing screen brightness and locking your screen orientation so that your device doesn’t keep switching rotation as you try to read in bed. Turning down screen the brightness will help your Windows 10 tablet or 2-in-1’s battery last longer. Swipe down from the top edge of your screen to reveal a fullscreen button and ditch the Taskbar that usually sits on-screen with every app.



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