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How to Reboot a Frozen Moto G5



This guide explains how to reset a frozen Moto G5 or Moto G5 Plus. If your phone is unresponsive or acting up we’re here to help. The Moto G is a nice phone, but it’s not perfect. Issues and problems do occasionally surface. If they do, follow our quick steps instead of calling customer support or driving to the store for help.

Unlike older Moto G phones, the Moto G5 Plus has a premium design. And while it looks great, it means you can’t remove the battery to reset a frozen or unresponsive phone.

A quick reboot will fix almost any minor Moto G5 problem, and some major ones too. However, a reboot isn’t always an option. Sometimes the phone stops responding completely. So, if your phone is frozen here’s how to get it working again.

How to Reboot a Frozen Moto G5

Every phone that doesn’t have a removable battery has some sort of “hard reset” or hard reboot option. As a reminder, this will not erase any data or content on your phone.

“If your device is unresponsive, frozen, or the screen is blank/black, press and hold down the Power button for 10-20 seconds to restart it.”

On some devices, you have to hold multiple buttons down, but Motorola kept things simple. If your phone isn’t working right or it’s frozen, just press and hold down the power until it reboots. It’s that easy.

After holding down the power key for around 10 seconds the Moto G will automatically vibrate, turn off, and reboot back to normal operation. If it’s really frozen you might have to hold down for the full 20 seconds. This works even when the screen is black, frozen, or completely off. This should resolve almost all minor problems.

Once done the device will restart and go through the usual boot process. Again, this will not delete anything off of your phone. It’s just a forced reboot.

In some situations, your phone will reboot into a maintenance, recovery, or safe mode. Use the volume up/down keys to navigate through the list of options, then tap on power to select one from the list. Scroll down to reboot, and hit the power button to select it and reboot your Moto G5.

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