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How to Download YouTube Videos or Music on Android



In this guide we’ll show you how to download YouTube videos and music to Android. Over the years Google has made a lot of changes to its video service. Including saving videos to view offline, background playback and launched YouTube TV. If you don’t have a music streaming service, it’s one of the best places to find your favorite songs. Here’s how to download anything with ease.

To be clear, Google does not approve of users downloading videos or music from YouTube to their Android devices, as that is technically piracy. However, you’re allowed to temporarily save select videos on a device for offline playback. Not to mention if you get permission from a copyright owner, you can rip songs and enjoy them later.

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Watching videos offline on YouTube was a great feature back in 2014. However, now you must subscribe to YouTube Red if you want that option. As a result, some are looking for ways to download videos right to their device. The same thing goes for music, so here’s how to get it.


There are plenty of apps available like YouTube Ripper that will download and save content. As we said moments ago, this is illegal and Google or Apple quickly removes these types of apps from the app store. Most the apps from the comment section are no longer available either, so don’t even try.

How to Download YouTube Music & Videos to Android

We’ll say this one more time. Using some of the apps or services below are illegal. Google doesn’t allow users to steal content from YouTube. Whether that be video or audio. That said, it is still very easy to do, especially if you get permission from a content owner. Users can save entire videos to their device, or even pull music right from a video. Then download the MP3 file to an Android smartphone or tablet.


First off we’ll explain the legal and Google-allowed system, which is saving videos for later playback. Certain videos that support this feature will have a download arrow just below the video on Android devices. Sadly this feature is only for YouTube Red subscribers. Tap the arrow and select a resolution or quality you’d like to save, and that’s it. Now just go into the menu bar on the left and select “Watch later” to find the list of saved videos to enjoy. You can watch these without an internet connection.

However, if you want to download a video or song permanently, that is an option as well. Instead of linking to apps that aren’t available from the Google Play Store, or from shady sources, we’ve gathered a few simple websites that will do this for you. All users need is the URL from YouTube and a few clicks will download the song or video.

While viewing a YouTube video just tap the 3-dotted “Share” button and on the popup that appears select “Copy URL”. Some versions it’s an arrow that stands for share. This is what you need, then navigate to websites like or and paste in that link. Usually, within seconds they’ll convert the video, and deliver an MP3 of the music directly to your phone. You can choose from different video or audio formats before hitting download or convert.

Copy and paste the URL into a site like YouTubeMP3 and simply hit convert, then download. That’s all there is to it, and you’ve now downloaded a song right to your phone.  Another option is aTube catcher, but it works a little differently than the ones mentioned earlier.

Other Details

This same process is very easy to do on a PC or laptop. However, it’s easier to do right on a phone so you don’t have to transfer it to your device later. Clipconverter even lets you select the conversion format to suit any occasion or need.

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Searching for “video downloader” or “Youtube Downloader” on the Google Play Store may find some results. However, most of them quickly get deleted. Instead, use our steps above. Additionally, we don’t recommend downloading YouTube “ripper” apps for Android from unknown sources. They’re usually shady or full of malware.

Give it a try today and download some music or videos. Now users can enjoy any video, or the latest music to create your own custom ringtones with our link above. Again, proceed at your own risk.



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