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How to Sell Your Old iPad



Apple stunned attendees by announcing, not only a new iPad Mini but also a refreshed iPad with a faster processor, Lightning connector and Sprint availability.

People who own the third generation iPad may feel slighted now that their iPad is out of date, just six months after release. But savvy users can sell their old iPad and use the money to get the new fourth generation iPad or iPad Mini. The iPad fourth generation starts at $499 and the iPad Mini starts at $329 for 16GB of storage.

Users can sell an old iPad online on their own through eBay or Craigslist, or can sell the iPad to a gadget resale service like Nextworth, Gazelle and others to cut out the hassles of dealing with potential buyers.

The fastest way to sell an iPad is to use one of the gadget buying services. Let’s get a sample of what these services can do for a 16GB Wi-Fi third generation iPad.

gazelle ipad offer

Gazelle Offers $300 for a perfect condition 3rd gen 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi only

As seen above, Gazelle offers $300 for a perfect condition 16GB iPad 3rd generation with Wi-Fi only. Nextworth offers $300 and users will get a $10 bonus on an iPad, if they sell before November 10th. eBay Instant Sale only offers $259 for the 16GB iPad 3rd generation.

Amazon also offers a trade-in service. They offer the most money for a pristine 16GB Wi-Fi only iPad at $400. However, that gives the trader an Amazon gift card instead of cash. Would-be buyers will have to wait till Amazon offers the new iPads or use the cash for something else.

All of this assumes the user owns an iPad in perfect condition. Prices increase for the iPad with more storage and with LTE connectivity. If the iPad is scratched, dinged or broken features, like a faulty headphone jack, the the value drops precipitously. The video below explains this process.

Users looking to make more money, and who are willing to deal with potentially troublesome buyers, can sell the iPad on eBay or Craigslist. Getting an eBay or Craigslist account doesn’t take a lot of effort, but be prepared to meet potential buyers on Craigslist or spend time shipping the iPad to an eBay buyer.

If an iPad owner doesn’t mind dead beat buyers on eBay or meeting up with a person to sell an iPad locally, then go with one of those services. Despite the high cost of listing on eBay, the extra money might make it worth the cost. Since the new iPads cost from $329 to $499, a user might not have to pay out much more than $130.



  1. (@sellcellphone)

    10/24/2012 at 4:19 am

    Don’t forget us! :) – Our comparison is currently showing $311 as the top price:

  2. Matthew

    10/24/2012 at 11:10 am

    That’s great I just bought an iPad 3rd gen and I couldn’t find anything over 250$!! 300….. 48 days ago I paid 499$… The exact price of the new model!!! How insulting!

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