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How to Three Star Surfers Park Danger + Win Porsche 959



This is how to three-star the Surfers Park Danger sign easily as well as the fastest way to win a Porsche 959 in the July Forzathon Summertime Blues. The final July Forzathon is here and you can win a car, 150,000 Credits, 95,000 XP and three wheelspins.

You have two days left to complete these Forzathon challenges in Forza Horizon 3. The biggest challenge is getting three-stars on the Surfers Park Danger Sign, but you will also need to win a championship to get the free Porsche 959.

July Forzathon tips for Surfers Paradise.

July Forzathon tips for Surfers Paradise.

This Forzathon is live on July 28th and lasts through July 30th, so you have plenty of time this weekend to play and win. We’ll outline the challenges and then help you figure out the easiest way to get these Forzathon rewards. Make sure you learn what to do when you run into Forzathon problems. When we first tried to play Forza Horizon 3 didn’t show the new Forzathon as live.

  • Walk in the Park – Get 3 Stars on the Surfers Park Danger Sign – 150000 Credits
  • Beach Bum – Perform 10 Ultimate Air Skills – 95,000 XP
  • Sand Pail – Complete a Bucket List Challenge that ends in Surfers Paradise – 3 Wheelspins
  • Seashore Series – Win a Championship – Porsche 959

Here’s how you can beat these challenges super fast, to get the rewards and get back to playing the races and PR stunts you want to tackle.

How to 3-Star the Surfers Park Danger Sign Easily

The best car to do this in is the Dodge Viper and you’ll want rewind on. To do this, drive to the photo point and then turn around. You’ll need to drive fast and on point to three-star this sign. You must travel 450 feet and you cannot hit the tree on the other side.

This is best done with rewinds on so that you can fix approach issues instead of turning around and going back. You also need to be careful that you don’t hit the edges of the danger sign as it can break the jump.

How to Easily Get the Porsche 959

You need to win a Championship to get the free Porsche 959. To do this fast, go to a circuit Championship. Create a Blueprint and set each race for 1 lap. Before you start the race set the difficulty to new driver.

Now you can complete the races and win the Championship in no time at all so that you can collect your free Porsche 959 without spending a ton of time working on this challenge.

Where to Get Ultimate Air Skills

The best two places to get Ultimate Air skills are the beach and the dunes south of the airfield. Go there in a decent car and get a little bit of air. You don’t need to go that fast or get that much air to trigger this skill. Just get 10 of them and you’ll unlock the reward. You don’t need to do them in a single skill chain.

Easy Bucket List in Surfers Paradise

To get the free wheel spins, just go to Surfers Paradise and start a Bucket List challenge. Blueprint a destination¬†challenge and set an end point in Surfers Paradise. Race to that point and it should unlock the reward for you. If it doesn’t, make sure you add some time to the blueprint and then go back and complete it.



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