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How to Turn Off Facebook Live



There are a million reasons to turn off Facebook Live notifications. Facebook currently sends alerts when someone you are friends with or follow on Facebook goes live. This can be annoying when you get interrupted for something you don’t care about and it is also scary and disturbing when people use Facebook Live to stream awful things.

By default when someone turns on Facebook Live, it sends a notification to all of their friends. You can disable this to stop annoying notifications when your friends go live. We’ll show you how to do that and what you need to know about Facebook live notifications and what you can do to limit Facebook Live videos in your stream.

How to stop Facebook live notifications and as close as you can come to turning off Facebook live.

How to stop Facebook live notifications and as close as you can come to turning off Facebook live.

In addition to annoying Facebook Live notifications, there is a growing trend of violent Facebook Live videos that are disturbing to many users. While Facebook is generally good at censoring outright violent content in uploaded videos, it is much tougher to stop Live videos where violence takes place.

How to Turn Off Facebook Live Notifications

You can Turn off Facebook Live notifications in the Facebook settings. This only takes a minute to complete and it allows you to stop all Facebook Live notifications. This will work across all of your devices, but you need to do this on your computer or at least on the Facebook website.

Go to Facebook and then click on the little arrow in the upper right to see your Settings.

Click on Settings and then on Notifications.

Now, click on the edit next to On Facebook to change your Facebook Live Video notification settings.

On this screen, scroll down until you see Live Videos. Click where it says On and then set it to Off.

This turns off Facebook Live notifications everywhere. You can also choose to go with Suggestions Off. This would allow you to only get some Facebook Live notifications, but it isn’t clear what you will get.

This will limit the alerts you get when friends go Live. but you will still see Live videos in your feed when you are scrolling on Facebook on your computer or in the app.

How to Hide Violent Or Obscene Facebook Live Videos

There is no option to totally turn off Facebook Live videos. This is something that many users would love to see Facebook add, but the company has yet to offer and it’s unlikely that they will do it.

If you are scrolling through Facebook and see a live video, you can scroll past it quickly. You can also report or hid content you don’t want to see. Click on the arrow in the upper right corner of the post. Then click on Hide Post. You can also choose to hide all from a source or a person.

Another option is to turn Facebook Autoplay video options to Never Autoplay videos. If you are on your iPhone or Android, this will allow you to not automatically see videos playing in your stream. This is not on the desktop, unfortunately.

Go to Settings in the iPhone or Android Facebook app and then on Account Settings. Tap on Videos and Photos and then on Autoplay. Now click on Never AutoPlay Videos.

While this does not turn Facebook Live off totally, it will limit the horrible Facebook Live videos that you see from people sharing or streaming violence.

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