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How to Use Attentive Display on the DROID Turbo & Moto X



The new Moto X (2014) and DROID Turbo are two impressive smartphones announced and released late last year from Motorola, and they have some neat features hidden deep down in settings. One of many is something called Attentive Display that focuses on saving battery life, and makes using your smartphones easier and hands-free.

Motorola’s latest smartphones have a lot of hands-free features for voice controls, active display tools for notifications and more, but one that many may not know about is called Attentive Display. It basically knows when you’re looking at your phone, and when you’re not. Leaving the screen on when you’re viewing content, and turns it off once you look away.

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This aims to make using your device easier and hands-free, while also saving battery life throughout the day in the long run. Below we’ll explain just how simple it is to enable Attentive display for the DROID Turbo or new Moto X, and why you should use it.

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Attentive Display basically is a face or eye-tracking technology using some senors on the front of the device. It knows when you’re looking at the screen and either keeps it on, or turns if off when you look away. We’ve all been browsing the web, viewing photos, or reading a post here at Gotta Be Mobile and if you don’t touch the display for a certain amount of time (default is 30 seconds) the screen dims and eventually turns off.

This is a setting in the display section on your device listed under “sleep” and something many turn to 1 minute or longer so the screen doesn’t dim or turn off if you don’t interact with your device. Here is where Attentive Display comes into play. Attentive display ignores this setting and keeps the screen on when it see’s you’re viewing the device, and turns it off once you look away. Saving you time, making life easier, and potentially saving battery life by turning off that bright 5.2-inch Quad-HD display when not in use.


To enable and enjoy Attentive Display on the Moto X or new DROID Turbo you’ll just have to tap a few settings and you’re all done. Head into settings from the application tray, or pull down the notification bar and tap the gear-shaped settings button. Once in setting scroll down to “Display” and then select “Attentive Display”.


From here just select the two options listed. One will keep the screen on while you’re looking at it, preventing it from sleeping. The second is a battery saver mode that will make the screen sleep (turn off) sooner when you’re not looking at it. You may have received a prompt when you first received the device to enable this, and probably dismissed it, but give it a try as it works wonderfully.


Once you’ve enabled both the options in the Attentive Display settings, you’re all done. That’s it. The DROID Turbo or Moto X will now stay awake longer when you’re using it, and sleep faster when you’re not. We’ve tested this and it works quite well, but keeping the screen on doesn’t always work if lighting isn’t ideal for the sensors to see your face.

After using the DROID Turbo we’ve noticed that even with the sleep setting set to 1 minute, the screen will often dim after 10-15 seconds of not being viewed, thanks to this setting, and even turn back on if you quickly look back at it. Meaning if you look away and get distracted, then turn your attention back to your device, it will illuminate fully without users having to fumble around for the power button and re-unlock the device.

It’s a nice touch and just one more of many simple little tricks and features Motorola’s added to their recent Android smartphones. Give it a try today, and let us know if it’s working right for you, or if you notice improved battery life after using Attentive Display on the DROID Turbo or new Moto X.

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