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How to Use Filters on iPhone Photos



Here is a guide on how to use Filters on iPhone Photos. With iPhone photos filters you can dramatically change the look of your pictures.

The Photos app in iOS is a great tool for organization and memory cataloging. However there are multiple editing tools included within it which eliminate the need to import to a computer for further editing.

There are plenty of simple edits you may want to perform like cropping or brightness adjustment, but with Photos in iOS, you are able to add filters as well.

How to Use Filters on iPhone Photos

Here are the steps on how to apply filters to your photos.

Watch the above video for a walk-through on adding filters in Photos.

How to Use Filters in the iPhone Photos App

Opening the Photos app will reveal your Memories or Camera Roll and any photos and videos you have captured or screenshots taken. Tapping on these individual photos will allow you to make further adjustments in full screen mode.

Tapping the photo will reveal your Share icon in the bottom left corner, a favorite Heart, the Edit slider and the Trash icon. The Edit slider looks like three horizontal lines with dials on them, indicating you can make adjustments.


Tapping this Edit icon will now reveal the options to edit further including adding filters. You will recognize the filter icon by the ven diagram of three shaded circles.

Tapping through the different filter options will allow you to see a live preview of the photo with the applied filter. Saving the photo will save it with the photo applied but you can always remove it later by repeating your steps and clicking None in filters.


How to Use  Filters to Shoot Photos on iPhone

You can also shoot with filters pre-applied if you find one you think really encapsulates your shooting style! When using the camera app, you will see the same three-circle Filter icon in the top right corner and tapping it will again open the filters options. You may choose a filter and capture your photos with it pre-applied.


Filters are usually something that we add in third party apps such as Instagram or Mextures but I have often found the perfect filter right within the iOS Photos app. The advantage is that you don’t have to commit to the filters and ruin the original filter and can modify them at any time within the photos app.

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