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How to Use Email & Office 365 on Android



Microsoft’s online email service has gone through a lot of names over the years. The service began life as an online app that let users send and receive messages, and not much else. By the time Microsoft was ready to announce its Windows 8 operating system, the company had a fresh design for the service’s online web app. It also had a new wave of apps designed to make it easier to get your email, calendar and contacts in the place that matters most today: your smartphone. Because they aren’t made by the same company, many assume that email, Office 365 email and Android powered smartphones can’t work together. They really can.

When using an Android smartphone – like the Google Pixel or the Samsung Galaxy S7 – you absolutely do not need to switch away from Instead, Android allows you to connect and sync directly to your email and Office 365 email accounts. The contacts, emails and calendar appointments synced over surface directly in the operating system’s built-in apps.

Besides the work that Google has done on its end to make this possible, there’s the apps that Microsoft offers for Android users. A mobile version of Outlook syncs all your important information and your email to just a single app on your Android smartphone. Another works specifically for accounts created with Microsoft’s Office 365 for Business subscription services.

Here’s how to Use and Outlook 365 email on Android.

How to Use Outlook Email on Android: Mail, Calendar & People App

The easiest way to get your and Office 365 email, calendar and contacts into Android is by using the built-in apps. Though they take some getting used to, they are directly supported by the other apps installed on Android. For example, if you have a handsfree car app that can send email or read text messages, chances are it’s dependent on these apps.

After setting up your Android phone with a Gmail account, go to the Settings app. Look for a shortcut to it in the app drawer that’s available at the bottom of your home screen.

Inside the Settings app, look for the Accounts entry. Scroll past Wireless & Network and Device. It’s in the Personal settings area.

Inside the list of accounts should be the Gmail account linked to your Android phone and any apps you’ve added and signed into. At the bottom of the list is an Add Account button. Tap or click on it.

Now select Exchange from the list of options.

You’ll need to provide your email address for and your password. You may also be sent a code to verify that it’s you trying to log into your account.

How to Use Outlook Email on Android: Outlook for Android

Though adding and Office 365 accounts to Android’s native apps is quick and easy, it’s not the best experience. At least, the options and style of Gmail are very different from what you’ve grown used to on and Office 365. Don’t fret though, Microsoft has a dedicated app for you.

Outlook for Android is free to download from the Google Play Store for everyone. It offers the same features you’re used to from the web, including Focused Inbox for prioritizing the things that you should care about.

You can sync an email address, or really any email address from any other provider. Outlook for Android can handle multiple email accounts. Your calendars and contacts are synced directly to the app too. So are OneDrive files, though you may not find that feature useful if you aren’t a heavy user of OneDrive already.

Outlook for Android is completely free.

How to Use Outlook Email on Android: OWA for Android

Office 365 accounts working with the Outlook for Android app, but business users also have a second option at their disposal. Called OWA for Android, this client is made specifically for Office 365 Business accounts that have specific conditions. This app places a firewall between your personal data and the business accounts and information that you load on your phone. If you ever lose your phone, all that corporate data can be remotely wiped away.

OWA will sync your contacts directly to the People app on your phone. There you can manage them and have the changes you make synced back to Office 365 Business. There’s a built-in mail experience that somewhat resembles the Outlook client included with Office 2016.

You can download OWA for Android directly from the Google Play Store for free.

Good luck getting your email and Office 365 email setup on your Android phone. You’ve got plenty of options, just choose the one you think is right for your needs.

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1 Comment

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