How to Use Panorama on the iPhone in iOS 6 (Video)

With iOS 6, iPhone users can take panoramic photos with the built-in Camera app thanks to a new iPhone Panorama mode.

A panoramic photo is a great way to share a sweeping shot of landscape, a look at a new room inside or to capture a huge group of friends at a table.

The iPhone panorama mode is only available on the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S, so older iPhone users will need to rely on the many third-party panorama apps like 360 Panorama.

The iPhone panorama mode is tucked away in the camera options, but once it’s located it is easy to turn on and off to take panoramic photos and switch back to regular photos.

How to Take a Panorama on the iPhone in iOS 6

The video below covers how to take a panorama on the iPhone 4S with iOS 6, and the same goes for the iPhone 5. The key is to keep very steady, so a small tripod may be a good investment.

Open the Camera app on the iPhone like normal.

Tap on the Options button in the middle top of the screen.

How to iPhone panorama

How to take an iPhone panorama.

Tap on Panorama.

Line up the camera and press the shutter. There is no need to hold it down.

Move the iPhone to the right, keeping the arrow on the line. This allows the iPhone to capture a collection of photos at the same level.

How to Panorama iOS 6

To take a Panorama on the iPhone, keep the arrow on the line.

It’s also possible to take vertical panoramic photos on the iPhone, just turn the iPhone on its side. I find that the performance is best when starting in the brightest area and moving to the darkest. While in Panorama mode the iPhone doesn’t account for changes in brightness well, so areas may be darker or brighter than expected.

It is tougher to keep the arrow on the line when shooting a vertical panorama on the iPhone, than a horizontal one.

To exit Panorama mode on the iPhone, tap done.

Sharing Panoramic Photos from the iPhone

The Panoramas captured by the iPhone are quite large, at 16MB for those I created. When sharing though the Photos app to Facebook or Twitter, the app automatically compresses the photos to a sharable size.

If you want to share the photos with someone who will print them, or be looking at them on a computer, email isn’t the best option. That too automatically reduces the size of the photo.

I recommend uploading photos to DropBox to share with a link.

It’s possible to share the photo with the new Shared PhotoStream feature, but the downloaded file is only 2MB in size, so it’s not the best one for printing.

Sample iPhone Panorama Mode Photos