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How to Use the Secure Folder on Galaxy Note 9



Samsung made the Galaxy Note 9 for people who want to do more with their phone. One of its best features is the secure folder. In this guide we’ll show you how to use Samsung’s Secure Folder on the Galaxy Note 9. We’ll explain what it does and why you’ll want to use it.

If you have private photos or videos on your Galaxy Note 9, put them in the secure folder. It’s a safe place to keep sensitive information, such as bank statements, loan applications and tax returns that you may need to access on the go. You can even install the same app twice and put it here.

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Essentially, this feature lets you protect private photos, videos, apps, documents and more in a safe place. The Secure Folder uses Samsung’s Knox security platform, encrypting data so it’s impossible to access without a fingerprint scan or PIN code. This is an extra layer of security on top of the regular lock screen method you use to secure the phone itself.

The video above is a quick explainer, and we also have step-by-step instructions below.

How to Use the Galaxy Note 9 Secure Folder

  • Open Settings (gear-shaped button in the notification pulldown bar)
  • Tap Lock screen & Security
  • Scroll down and tap Secure Folder
  • Hit the next arrow (bottom right) and click Start
  • Sign in or create a Samsung Account

Next, you’ll want to add at least one layer of security, like a pin or your fingerprint. That way no one else can access this folder and all the sensitive information inside.

  • Add a password, pattern or pin (by following the instructions)
  • Then add a second layer of security with a Fingerprint or Intelligent Scan
  • Tap Done to finish creating your Secure Folder

One of the best features of the Galaxy Note 9 Secure Folder is the ability to install the same app twice. Not to mention it replaces the need to download third-party apps like Photo vaults. Then, it can do one thing others can’t: hide entire apps and photos. You don’t necessarily want friends or kids launching apps like Tinder or Snapchat when they’re borrowing your phone or swiping through recent photos.

So, go ahead and open the app and hit Add Files to easily move content to the secure folder. Additionally, you can select Add Apps to either hide an application or install it twice. Yes, like having two Facebook accounts with one hidden. Or a second secure email application for work.

Don’t be alarmed when you automatically see a second camera and gallery app in your Secure Folder. This simply lets you quickly take photos that are instantly hidden and secured. Instead of manually moving them later.

Customize Your Secure Folder

Better yet, you can customize and disguise the secure folder. Samsung will let you change the icon so it doesn’t look like you’re actively trying to hide something. In fact, you can customize the name and icon, so friends or family don’t see a suspicious “Secure Folder” app on your phone. If you know what we mean. Change the icon, and name the folder “Games, Vacation Photos, Work Documents” or something boring so no one will click on it.

Open the Secure Folder and from inside the app tap the 3-dots menu key near the top right. Head to Settings and customize it to fit your needs, hide it and more to cover any privacy concerns.

You can even remove the folder from your home screen or app tray, that way it’s only accessible from the settings menu. That way you don’t need to worry as much about hiding and customizing it. Or, move it to the notification pulldown bar for quick access without it being anywhere else.

And finally, Samsung even has a secure cloud-based backup option. That way if you ever lose your phone, or the Note 9 gets stolen, everything remains safely in the cloud. Make sure you enable this first, to ensure everything gets saved to your Samsung account. Then, retrieve it later after loss or theft, or if you upgrade to a new device in the next year or two.

While we’re on the subject of keeping your phone safe, get one of these 9 best screen protectors, or one of our recommended Galaxy Note 9 cases.

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