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How To Watch Baseball Playoffs At Work and On Your iPhone, iPad & Android



With the 2011 Postseason underway, there’s no doubt you are looking for a way to watch the Detroit Tigers run up the score on the New York Yankees from work or on your iPhone or Android.

Whether you are rooting for the Tampa Bay Rays, Texas Rangers, St. Louis Cardinals, Philadelphia Phillies Arizona Diamondbacks or the Milwaukee Brewers you can keep track of the MLB playoffs on your phone or tablet pretty easily.

Unfortunately, most of the options won’t be as good as finding a TV to tune in TBS or Fox, but you’ll still be able to keep up with all the games as long as you can get online.

Watch the Postseason Online

If you are trying to watch your favorite team online while you are at work or on a computer you can use This is the official Major League Baseball solution for watching the playoffs. offers a number of ways to keep up with your team for $5.99, but there are limitations.

Here’s a Look at the coverage from 2010:

With a subscription you can watch the games from up to four angles at once, form 10 different cameras. You can also mix it up with the other viewers to trash talk or root for your favorite teams. If you are a MLB.TV or MLB.TV Premium subscriber the video feeds will be in HD. The subscription includes batting practice and in game highlights.

There are no blackout,s but this is definitely a companion service. You don’t get the announcers or the same game coverage you would normally see on TV, and the app only includes TBS games. Fortunately, that is the bulk of the Postseason games.

If you want audio of the games like you are used to hearing on the TV or on teh Radio, you will need a subscription to MLB Gameday Audio.

Watch The Playoffs Anywhere – SlingBox

If you want the absolute best solution or watching the MLB playoffs, World Series and other sports like the NFL on the go, you should look into a Slingbox. With an adapter that you plug your home cable or satellite connection into, you can stream Live TV to your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

To do this, you will need to purchase a Slingbox Solo or SlingBox Pro-HD, which are $139 and $259 at Amazon. You can also find them locally at Stores like Best Buy. After a brief setup, you can watch any channel you get on your home TV on your mobile device.

Watch MLB Post season 2011 Anywhere

Watch MLB Post season 2011 Anywhere

If you want to watch on your mobile devices, you will need to purchase a new app for each of the devices you have, which can add up quickly.

SlingPlayer Mobile Apps:

Slingbox may be the most expensive version, but it is one that you get to keep and use over and over again.

Watch The MLB Postseason on Your iPhone and Android

Watch Postseason 2011 on your Smartphone

Watch Postseason 2011 on your Smartphone

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone, you can catch the 2011 MLB playoffs on your smartphone with the MLB at Bat app.

The various apps include,

These apps deliver live video for MLB.TV subscribers and offer access to stats and live radio audio for home and away games.

If you can’t listen or watch the video, you can see stats and in game action in a fun layout that looks like you’re playing a MLB videogame.

MLB Postseason 2011 Schedules

Here are the current MLB Postseason schedules via

AL Division Series
GameMatchupDayDateTime ETTV
Gm 1DET @ NYYFriSep. 308:37 PMTBS
Gm 2DET @ NYYSatOct. 18:37 PMTBS
Gm 3NYY @ DETMonOct. 38:37 PMTBS
AL Division Series
GameMatchupDayDateTime ETTV
Gm 1TB @ TEXFriSep. 305:07 PMTBS
Gm 2TB @ TEXSatOct. 17:07 PMTNT
Gm 3TEX @ TBMonOct. 35:07 PMTBS
Gm 4*TEX @ TBTueOct. 4TBDTBS
Gm 5*TB @ TEXThuOct. 6TBDTBS
NL Division Series
GameMatchupDayDateTime ETTV
Gm 1STL @ PHISatOct. 15:07 PMTBS
Gm 2STL @ PHISunOct. 28:07 PMTBS
NL Division Series
GameMatchupDayDateTime ETTV
Gm 1ARI @ MILSatOct. 12:07 PMTBS
Gm 2ARI @ MILSunOct. 24:37 PMTBS
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