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How to Watch Baseball Playoffs While At Work



With four baseball playoff series kicking off this week, it’ll be difficult to catch them all form the comfort of your couch.If you’re like most people, you probably don’t have an HDTV with cable or satellite sitting in your cubicle. Kevin Purcell’s put together a great guide on how to watch MLB playoff games online and on the go.

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Major League Baseball manages pretty robust Web sites for each team, making it easy to track box scores and highlights. If you want the real deal (live games), you’ll need to pony up $9.95 for This subscription lets you view games on your computer, or on the go.

One thing I find interesting is that MLB gives a lot of love to the iPhone and iPad, but not so much to Android and Blackberry smartphones. All three platforms can be used for streaming live game audio and keeping track of each pitch, but only iOS devices get live game streams. I’ve used on my computers, iPad and iPhone to watch games from home and while at AT&T Park.

Of course if you have a SlingBox you can simply stream you games using your home TV subscription. If you have a PC with a TV tuner card you can also stream games from home to your mobile device using Orb.

Whether you’re going to watch baseball live at a stadium, at home, or at work, I highly recommend supplementing what you see on TV with some online extras.

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  1. andy

    10/06/2010 at 6:20 pm

    You can’t stream tv using orb. This is a terrible suggestion to make, I bought orb just before apple forced them to use Apple Streaming Format (back then it actually worked) and it has never worked since. Follow their support forum – it’s been over 8 months and they still can’t get TV to work properly on anyone’s internet connection / computer combo.

    There were a select few that had relatively watchable experiences. For the rest of us it became unusable or the sound was never in sync. I put up with them for that long before giving up and buying a slingbox, and this is clearly the only way to watch television.

    Orb is horrible.

    • Xavier

      10/06/2010 at 8:23 pm

      Thanks for sharing your experience with Orb.

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