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Watch Live Hurricane Sandy Coverage on iPhone and Android



Users without power can still watch coverage of the former Hurricane Sandy, now classified as a Superstorm by the Weather Channel, on the iPhone or Android.

As power and home internet connections are out, users can turn to their iPhone and Android devices to connect to the Internet and stream video of the storm thanks to The Weather Channel.

The live video coverage includes interviews with government officials, reports from reporters all along the coast and radar images showing the extent of Sandy.

SuperStorm Sandy Live Video

Live news coverage of Superstorm Sandy on iPhone and Android.

How to Watch Sandy Coverage On the iPhone & Android

The easiest way to watch the live coverage is to click play on the video below. This should open in Safari or Chrome and start playing the live coverage of Sandy.

Users can also click on this link to watch Sandy coverage. The live stream is under significant demand, so users may need to refresh the page to get the stream going.

The live coverage includes a look at the current weather for many places along the coast, and information about public safety, so it’s a good idea to tune in if you need access to public safety information.

Live Hurricane Sandy on iPhone & Android

Watch Sandy coverage on iPhone or Android.

Users can also turn their iPhone into a personal hotspot or their Android into a personal hotspot to watch Sandy coverage on a laptop or tablet. Extra charges may apply to use your phone as a hotspot, but it may be worth adding the fee for one month.

Keep in mind that live streaming video on the iPhone or Android devices will use precious battery life faster than checking local websites for news. Limit video streaming unless there is a battery backup or car charger handy to recharge.

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