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How to Watch NFL Pro Bowl on iPad, iPhone & Android (2014)



The 2014 NFL Pro Bowl starts at 7:30 PM tonight on NBC and if you can’t be in front of a HDTV to watch the best players in the NFL go head to head in this fun showdown you can still watch the NFL Pro Bowl on iPad, iPhone and Android devices for free.

As we wait for Super Bowl 48 to start on February 2nd, the attention turns to the 2014 Pro Bowl where the top players from each NFL team join up on the field to play fora dream team alongside their division rivals. With the regular season and playoffs behind them, this is generally a very fun game to watch as dream team combinations come together.

Watch the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl on the iPad, Android and other devices.

Watch the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl on the iPad, Android and other devices.

For the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl the teams are no longer NFC vs AFC, but the dream teams drafted by Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders for a showdown between Team Rice and Team Sanders in Hawaii for Pro Bowl: Unconferenced.

To sum it up, you don’t want to miss the 2014 NFL Pro Bowl, and if you have an iPad, iPhone or Android device you don’t have to miss a minute of it, even if you can’t be near your HDTV.

How to Watch the NFL Pro Bowl on iPad, iPhone & Android

The  2014 NFL Pro Bowl is all new and unlike the Playoffs there is only one place to go to watch the NFL Playoffs on the iPad, iPhone and Android.

If you want to watch the NFL Pro Bowl on the iPad or iPhone you will need the NBC Sports Live Extra app for Apple devices. This is a free app that streams over 1,000 live sports events a year, and this year it delivers the NFL Pro Bowl. To watch the NFL Pro Bowl on Android tablets and phones you will need to grab the NBC Sports Live Extra app from Google Play.

The NBC Sports Live Extra app is free to download but much of the content is locked in for specific cable subscribers. According to the app description, “NBC Sports Live Extra is currently available for Comcast Xfinity, Verizon Fios, Cablevision, Suddenlink, Mediacom, Bend and Grande customers.” That may potentially leave Time Warner, Dish and DirecTV customers out in the cold. Hopefully the 2014 Pro Bowl is not restricted, but there is no official word yet.  

One troubling aspect is that the app’s rating is just 2.5 stars on iTunes and 2 stars on Google Play with many users calling the app unstable, so be prepared for the possibility of restarting the app mid-game.

Users can also head to the web on a computer to watch the game, hopefully with fewer restrictions on the NBC Sports page.

Watch the Pro Bowl on Verizon Smartphones

The Verizon Premium NFL Mobile subscription is $5 a month and if you are a Verizon customer you can subscribe on your iPhone or Android phone to watch the NFL Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl live on your phone.

This app is only available to Verizon customers and according to the device listings it will work on the iPad and Android tablets this year. The page lists the Super Bowl as the next live game, but Verizon Support tells Gotta Be Mobile that it will work for the Pro Bowl.

Watch 2014 Pro Bowl with Slingbox

If you don’t want to rely on one of those services and want to watch the NFL Pro Bowl on the iPad or Android devices with no other restrictions, and be set up for watching Live TV on the iPhone, iPad and Android check out Slingbox.

Use Slingbox to watch the NFL Pro Bowl and the upcoming Super Bowl on iPad or Android.

Use Slingbox to watch the NFL Pro Bowl and the upcoming Super Bowl on iPad or Android.

This is a physical box that connects to your cable or satellite receiver to stream any live TV, on demand or recorded show from your cable package to your iPhone, iPad or Android. The only real catch is that the HDMI support is iffy, so you’ll need to use component cables to get all of your channels.

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The Slingbox 500 is $299 and users will need to buy the app for $15 to use the service, which may be a dealbreaker for some users. It’s not cost effective to use for one game, but if you want to watch a lot of sports on the iPhone, iPad or Android it is a worthwhile investment.

These are the best ways to watch the NFL Pro Bowl on the iPad, Android or iPhone in 2014.

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