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How to Watch the first 2020 Presidential Debate Tonight



The first presidential debate is September 29th at 9 PM Eastern. Here’s how you can watch Donald Trump and Joe Biden answer questions on important issues facing America.

You don’t need cable to watch the debates, as you can tune in on an over the air channel or you can watch a stream on YouTube. Watching the debates is easy, and free.

The presidential debate starts at 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific and is scheduled to last 90 minutes. Fox News Achor Chris Wallace is moderating and already announced plans to focus on candidate records, the Supreme Court, the economy, electoral integrity race, and violence in our cities, and coronavirus.

How to Watch the Debate Tonight

You can watch the 2020 Presidential debate on essentially any news channel. Whether you use cable, satellite, an online streaming service, or a traditional antenna — you can watch the debate on any major news channel. This includes ABC, Fox, CBS, PBS, NBC, Telemundo, Univision, MSNBC, CSPAN, and CNN.

In addition to watching the debate live on TV, you can watch on the apps from any of these companies as well as on YouTube. If you prefer to listen, you can tune in to the debate on NPR.

The debate live streams on the YouTube video above, and you can also tune in on the following YouTube channels;

Given the wide range of places to watch, if you turn on a TV, open up an app and you will be able to watch.

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