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HP Deploys 7,000 Mini-Notes to Schools



image HP announced today a large scale deployment of the HP 2133 Mini-Note to the Fresno (Calif) United School District. The 7,000 Mini-Notes are going to kids in K-12.

““The HP Mini-Note is a powerful laptop that is small enough to fit on students’ desks along with their textbooks and papers, allowing them access to the Internet and educational content from around the world without leaving their seats,” said Kurt Madden, chief technology officer, Fresno United School District.

That’s a huge commitment that the school system is making to getting excellent PCs into the hands of (probably all) its students. As important as it is to get the technology to the kids, it is equally important to help the teachers understand how to effectively use the technology in their classes.

HP also announced the HP Professional Development Program to assist in providing training to teachers on using technology in the classroom. This is in addition to their existing program, The Teacher Experience Exchange, a joint HP and Microsoft project that provides free resources to teachers through a community environment.

I’m impressed with HP for these commitments to providing both the technology and training to K-12 students and their instructors.

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