HP’s webOS Fall Out May Benefit Android Most

Now that HP has announced that it will not be making new hardware for webOS, followed by a strategic message that the company will, however, continue to support the platform’s development despite the fire sale of devices over the weekend that placed the 16 GB model TouchPad at a bare $99, users of the platform who are looking to jump ship may mostly adopt the Android platform. A survey posted over at PreCentral shows that most webOS users are looking towards Android as their next device, followed in a neck-to-neck race with iOS and Windows Phone.

According to the survey, over 40% of webOS users who are looking to change platforms are eyeing Android. Given Android’s ability to synchronize contact and information from various clouds, including Google’s, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, the platform may be a good alternative to HP’s webOS Synergy synchronization engine, which aggregates contacts, photos, and messages from various servers and clouds.

Roughly 25-26 percent of survey respondents said that they would choose either Windows Phone 7 or Apple’s iOS, placing the two in a neck-to-neck competition to woo those who may be left behind by HP’s plans on abandoning its hardware game.

However, given webOS’s meager market share in the U.S., the results shouldn’t make too big of a difference on any of the rival platform’s market share. Also, the results are subject to change as only 113 users have voted thus far on the poll. However, given that there has been a lot of comparison between webOS and iOS in the past, it is somewhat interesting to find that many webOS customers would prefer Android over iOS.