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HTC Bringing PlayStation Certification to Its Smartphones?



According to a report from Pocket-Lint, HTC will be delivering PlayStation Certified smartphones at some point during 2012, possibly as soon as Mobile World Congress which kicks off later this month in Barcelona. If true, it would mean that HTC would become one of, if not the first, company not called Sony to see the PlayStation suite show up on its mobile devices.

So what does this mean exactly?

It means that HTC smartphone owners would have access to a catalog of PlayStation games made up of titles from the PSOne. Think of Sony’s PSP, add in the smartphone elements and an HTC design, and you probably have created something similar to what might show up later on this year.

HTC Bringing PlayStation Certification to Smartphones This Year?

The Sony Xperia Play.

This is potentially huge for HTC, especially if this is something that will be coming exclusively to HTC phones, even if it’s for the time being. Right now, HTC has one feature that distinguishes itself from the Android competition.

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That feature of course is Beats Audio which the company launched in the U.S. on its HTC Rezound for Verizon.

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Adding another unique feature like a PlayStation Certification would potentially give it a leg up on the competitors by attempting to appeal to both audiophiles and gamers alike.

While this development might get announced at the Mobile World Congress, it appears that it won’t be hitting handsets any time soon. Apparently, HTC devices won’t be getting PlayStation Certified until the second half of this year.

Let’s just hope that HTC is able to produce better results with its device or devices.

If you recall, Sony had a tough time selling games for its first PlayStation Certified smartphone, the Sony Xperia Play, which launched in April of last year.

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