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HTC Courting Upgraders With Trade-In Rebate Offer



HTC is going after smartphone owners and is starting a new trade-in program that will net users $300 for swapping your old handset when you trade up to a ‘Quietly Brilliant’ one. Dubbed HTC Trade Up, the program will give you up to $300 depending on the quality and make of your old phone.


The catch though is that you’ll still have to pay up front for your new handset and then once you have your old and new handset, you can send in your old one and get HTC to fork over a check.

The program was announced on the eve of HTC’s upcoming media announcement where it’s rumored that the company will be announcing the new HTC 8 Series Windows Phone 8 smartphones in New York City.

There are similar programs from various carriers and smartphone-manufacturers as well as other third-party services that offer similar incentives. Additionally, customers who may not be satisfied with HTC’s quotes can also sell their old phones themselves on the secondary market, like through eBay, Amazon Marketplace, or Craigslist. Whatever route you go, you’re not only getting cash for your old phone that you likely won’t pick up again now that you have a new smartphone in hand, but you’ll also be doing the environment a favor as these phones either get refurbished and resold or recycled.

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