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HTC Droid DNA Release Date Pegged for December on Verizon



The upcoming 5-inch HTC Droid DNA phablet, otherwise known as the HTC DLX and Droid Incredible X, looks like it will indeed be called the Droid DNA when it hits Verizon at some point later this year. It’s also looking like its release date on the carrier might come in December.

The reliable evleaks Twitter account posted not only a photo of the device itself, complete with Droid red eye, but also says that the device will be hitting Verizon’s network at some point in early December.

Previously, rumors had been swirling about a release around Thanksgiving but now it appears that it may not be arriving until the last month of the year, something that we said might happen several weeks ago.

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The 5-inch Droid DNA may hit Verizon in December.

The Droid DNA photos appear to be two separate photos, one showing off the Droid DNA branding which again confirms the name of the device and the other a press photo of the 5-inch device which, plain as day, will be apart of the Droid family of smartphones when it arrives.

Both the name of the device and its non-removable battery were both seemingly confirmed by a listing on Verizon’s own website earlier this week so it looks like Droid DNA will indeed be the name of HTC’s Galaxy Note 2 rival.

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Verizon has yet to announce anything but it’s clear that this phone, which is likely going to be based in part on the HTC Butterfly J phablet heading to Japan in December, is the real deal and will be announced in the weeks ahead.

The carrier is expected to roll out the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 on November 29th and it could be that this device rolls out either a few days or few weeks after that in December.

None of this is confirmed just yet, so take it with a grain of salt, but at this point, it’s looking like customers will have another phablet option before the holiday shopping season is over though it looks like this device might be cutting it close.

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