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HTC EVO 3D Pre-Orders Begin at Sprint



While Sprint still remains mum on an official release date for their upcoming HTC EVO 3D smartphone, the carrier will gladly take your money for a pre-order if you waltz into any Sprint retail location starting today.


The carrier has confirmed that pre-orders for the EVO 3D have begun and this is a very good sign the device will likely be out on that June 4th release date that we heard about yesterday.

Sprint’s not the first to offer pre-orders for the EVO 3D. In fact, Best Buy has been quietly offering it to customers who inquire about it since May 2nd. Radio Shack followed suite just a few days ago. And just like both of those pre-orders, Sprint will require you to plop down cash for a $50 gift card.

The carrier has yet to announce pricing for the EVO 3D so it’s unknown how far that $50 is going to go towards your purchase. $199 sounds about right but you never know these days.

So, for those of you that are looking to make this your next device, you now have not one, not two, but three places to do so.

Via: Engadget

HTC EVO 3D Hands-On Video



  1. Zak Jones

    05/23/2011 at 8:08 am

     6:40 – 7:20 , this lady is SO DERPY. GOD. Why is SHE showing off the phone when I, someone that has never handled or even seen the device or Sense 3.0, know how the lockscreen works. It is not rocket science. : /

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