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HTC EVO 4G LTE Appears in First Promo Video



Yesterday, Sprint introduced its third 4G LTE smartphone, the HTC EVO 4G LTE, its first EVO-branded device with 4G LTE capabilities. And while it still does not have an official release date, Sprint has released a promo video that should help to hold over interested consumers until the companies can make an official announcement.

The video is extremely well done and takes viewers on a tour through the previous EVO releases.

Back in 2012, Sprint launched the first EVO smartphone, the HTC EVO 4G, to great fanfare and to great sales as well. It was the first smartphone marketed as a ‘4G’ device and it helped to put both Sprint and Android on the map.

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A year later, HTC and Sprint moved into the world of 3D with the HTC EVO 3D. With its dual-cameras, it was able to capture moments in the third-dimension. It too ran on Sprint’s 4G WiMax network.

And now, two years after the release of the first EVO smartphone, we have the EVO 4G LTE, a device that the carrier hopes will propel it’s new 4G LTE network which will launch later on this month.

The EVO 4G LTE won’t be a launch device though. Sprint will be handing over that role to the inexpensive LG Viper 4G LTE and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

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This promo video gives us a fantastic look at the device as a whole, from its thin design, to its aluminum body, to the iconic camera EVO-sized camera in the middle of the devices back.

To get a better feel for this, check out our EVO 4G LTE hands-on video below:

The HTC EVO 4G LTE goes up for pre-order on May 12th for $199.99 on-contract and is rumored to be coming to shelves at some point in June.

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