HTC EVO 4G LTE More Popular Than Galaxy Nexus For Sprint?

Yesterday I asked you, our dear readers, whether you preferred stock Android or a skin like HTC Sense for your smartphone. So far the voting shows a distinct trend: stock Android rules.

However, looking at the comparison post I did between the new HTC EVO 4G LTE and the Galaxy Nexus, both coming out on Sprint in the next couple of months, readers overwhelmingly voted for the Evo.

Over 1,500 of you have weighed in so far, and almost a thousand voted for the Evo while only about 20% want a Nexus. Another 20% is undecided, though most of those people were probably waiting for the pricing to be announced. ($199, by the way.)

Still, if more people prefer stock Android, why do so many want the Evo?

Even amongst nearly identical phones the Evo is pretty popular. It beat out the HTC One X in another poll from last week as well.

I’m not arguing with these results. Personally, I’m pretty excited about the Evo. I’m a fan of kickstands and hardware shutter buttons, which may seem like small things, yet they make a big difference. I’m also a fan of HTC Sense, which I prefer to stock Android any day. Widgets make life better.


As far as the Galaxy Nexus goes, droid lovers may have a soft spot for stock Android, but the quintessential Google phone is a little long in the tooth by smartphone standards. I mean, it’s almost 6 months old at this point. The HTC One series was just announced and the Evo is brand new. Everyone loves the new hotness.

Those of you out there who know you want the Evo over the Nexus: Why? What is it about that specific device that attracts you? Do you not care so much about stock Android, prefer Sense, have a thing for kickstands, or just can’t be seen with an “old” device? Or is it something else?

Let us know in the comments.