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HTC M7 Release Rumored to Beat Galaxy S4 Launch



The HTC M7 release date, which in the past has been rumored to fall in March, has seen its first specific date surface with March 8th now rumored as its possible launch date. If true, it would likely mean that HTC’s flagship will be released before the Samsung Galaxy S4 launch date, rumored to be March 22nd.

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Earlier this week, HTC sent out invitations for events taking place on February 19th in both New York City and in London. The company remains coy on what it will be launching but all signs point to a launch of the rumored HTC M7, a device that popped up several weeks ago in rumors and has leaked out steadily since.


With a March 8th release date, the HTC M7 could beat the Galaxy S4 (seen here in a mockup) launch, rumored for March 22nd.

The HTC M7 has been rumored for a March release in the past and now, we might finally have a specific date to look forward to as we wait for HTC to announce the details.

According to HTCSource, which has been accurate with M7 information in the past, the HTC M7 release date is March 8th, just a few short days after the presumed launch date. It’s unclear which markets would apply when it comes to that day, but we imagine that it won’t be the United States. Instead, it’ll likely be the United Kingdom and perhaps other regions around the world.

U.S. carriers are generally the last to see release dates for devices made by foreign manufacturers and it could be that the HTC M7 is no different. However, considering HTC is hosting an event in New York City, we could see a specific date announced.

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Additionally, the rumor suggests that HTC may offer two color variations of the device in the form of a black version and a white/silver variant. Thus far, we’ve only see a white model emerge.

If the release date is accurate and there is no reason to assume that it’s not at this point, the HTC M7 will likely be out on shelves, at least in the UK, before Samsung announces the heralded Galaxy S4.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is rumored to have a launch date of March 22nd, though that is still unconfirmed. It has been speculated that HTC wants to beat Samsung to market with its new flagship and if the dates are spot on here, it looks like it just may.



  1. Richard Allen Yarrell

    01/30/2013 at 4:36 pm

    They Htc better get the M7 out early before the Galaxy S4. When the S4 launches is the day all Htc sales ends.

  2. Gry Android

    01/31/2013 at 4:06 am

    This looks like a good smartphone but Galaxy S4 will easly beat it

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