HTC M7 Shortages: Get It Early or Wait In Line
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HTC M7 Shortages: Get It Early or Wait In Line



A new report suggests that HTC may be suffering from shortages of critical components for its unannounced but highly anticipated HTC M7 smartphone launch. If reports of such shortages are accurate, the HTC M7 may suffer heavy delays in handset availability given pent up demand for the smartphone that will succeed the HTC One X.

The handset is expected to be announced at events happening in London and New York City later this month ahead of Mobile World Congress, and earlier rumors suggest that HTC may launch the handset on multiple U.S. carriers as early as March 8. It’s unclear if HTC will make this release date with limited handsets available or if it will postpone the launch all together. According to a report on Android Authority, an analyst for Citigroup cites that there are low yield rates for metal housing and antenna components.

new-htc-m7-leakCitigroup analyst Kevin Chang wrote in a recent note to investors that HTC’s M7 shipments are affected by a “low yield rate of some components such as metal casings and antennas.” Consequently, M7 shipments for Q1 2013 are now said to be at around 500,000, down from an initial forecast of 3 million.

HTC’s initial production estimate for the HTC M7 was 3 million units for a Q1 launch, but it is now anticipated that production yield for the handset is now at 500,000, or 1/6 of the original number.

The HTC M7 will remain one of the more compact smartphones with a full HD display on its 4.7-inch panel as it’s been rumored that rival Samsung will be taking the Galaxy S4 up to a 5-inch full HD panel.

The M7 will have to compete against the Samsung Galaxy S4, the rumored Motorola X Phone, and Apple’s iPhone 5 as well as the next-generation iPhone that Apple will likely announce later this year.

The HTC M7 will also likely debut HTC’s new Sense user interface, which boasts a cleaner more minimalist look.


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