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HTC One Appears in New Color



The HTC One, which is currently only available in black and white, may be arriving in a new color at some point in the future, possibly the near future, as a red HTC One has emerged again, this time at a retailer in the United Kingdom.

Earlier this year, when HTC announced the HTC One, it put the device up on its official webpage for the world to see. The page ran down all of the features of the HTC One including its 4.7-inch display, quad-core processor, Ultrapixel camera, Sense 5 software and more. It also displayed the colors that potential buyers could expect from the HTC One.

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The red HTC One, a new color, has appeared again before its arrival.

The red HTC One, a new color, has appeared again before its arrival.

On the page, we saw both the black and white models, but we also saw the red HTC One, a variant that quickly disappeared and one that HTC quietly dismissed. Of course, all along, consumers and critics alike have known that the red HTC One was likely not a mistake and more likely, was a color that would be arriving at some point down the road.

That release may have gotten a bit closer today as the red HTC One has surfaced once again, this time at a retailer in the UK called Handtec, which has quietly put the device on its website, despite it being unavailable. The listing, first discovered by Phandroid, has pricing listed on the website, so those who have been waiting for the red HTC One know how much it will cost, at least for the time being in the UK.

No release date is listed but this is not the first time that we’ve seen a retailer showcase an unannounced product ahead of an official release date. Several times in the past, third-party retailers have put unannounced products on their website ahead of time, sometimes weeks ahead of time. So this arrival is not an indication of an imminent release but it is a sign that something is in the works.

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Thus far, the company has dodged our questions about the red HTC One so consumers still unfortunately have no idea when it might hit shelves. Fortunately though, it appears that the red HTC One might still be a real device.

While the black and white models are the current HTC One devices on the market, the black variant, while on Sprint, has yet to hit AT&T’s network and still has no release date.



  1. tuna_

    05/06/2013 at 1:44 pm

    How about releasing the black one first.

    • Jabberwocky

      05/15/2013 at 5:53 am

      It’s been out ages. Had mine in black since March

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