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HTC One Deal Brings $100 Google Play Credit



The HTC One has seen its fair share of deals since launch and RadioShack is adding another to the list as the retailer will be offering a $100 Google Play Store credit with the purchase of an AT&T HTC One or Sprint HTC One between now and June 30th.

In April, HTC launched its first big name smartphone of the year in the form of the HTC One. The HTC One is the company’s flagship that will be challenging the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5 throughout the next year. It’s an enticing device and fortunately, thanks to third party retailers, it has seen a number of deals arrive since it touched down on AT&T and Sprint.

RadioShack is currently offering a deal on the HTC One.

RadioShack is currently offering a deal on the HTC One.

The latest HTC One deal is from RadioShack and it offers prospective buyers a $100 Google Play Store credit when purchasing an AT&T HTC One or Sprint HTC One. The deal however will come with a required two-year contract, something that consumers will need to think about before buying the new flagship.

The $100 Google Play Store offer will present users with the opportunity to outfit their new device with a host of new applications, movies, books and television shows. Unfortunately, the offer isn’t going to last forever as the retailer says that the deal will only be extended until June 30th at which point the offer will cease to exist.

Those that aren’t interested in the Verizon HTC One or T-Mobile HTC One will want to consider this offer especially since RadioShack currently has the HTC One priced far below the asking prices of both AT&T and Sprint. Currently, the AT&T HTC one is priced at $150 on-contract while the Sprint HTC One is priced at a mere $80 on-contract. Both prices are deep discounts from the $199.99 on-contract price tags through their respective carriers.

The HTC One sports a 4.7-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor, Ultrapixel camera, metal design and the all-new HTC Sense 5 over Google’s Android Jelly Bean.



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