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HTC One Launch Hits Another Snag



While the HTC One officially went on sale today in the United States on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile, other versions of the device are facing delays as HTC has informed customers who ordered the HTC One Developer Edition and unlocked HTC One model that their orders are facing a slight delay from their original release date.

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In March, the HTC One was faced with delays that pushed the release dates of some variants of the device into the month of April. Included were the three confirmed HTC One variants for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile that were originally thought to be coming in March but wound up arriving on sale today instead. And while the device has finally arrived in the United States, other variants are still facing issues.

The Verizon HTC One may see an announcement in May.

The HTC One launch has hit another snag with delays affecting two variants.

It appears that customers who ordered the 64GB HTC One Developer Edition and the 32GB unlocked HTC One model are going to be facing slight delays according to HTC. According to Android Central, the company has issued notes to consumers, indicating that both of these models are experiencing shipping delays and that the company will be doing everything it can to get the phone out before the end of April.

The company has also apologized to those that ordered saying that the delays for the SIM-free HTC One and the bootloader unlocked Developer Edition were unforeseen.

What’s more is that the company is having to delay the free Double Dip case that was part of the enticing pre-order for these phones. Due to demand, HTC says that it won’t be able to ship out the cases until Mid-May, offering no specific timing for the shipments to start heading out to consumers.

This is just the latest snag to befall the HTC One launch, a launch that has been marred by problems since last month. HTC was forced to delay the HTC One from its original launch date due to reported manufacturing issues.

The HTC One is set to go up against the Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung’s new flagship, which is ready to touch down in regions across the globe in just a few days.

Before the delay, the HTC One was slated to be out several weeks before the Galaxy S4. Now, the devices are colliding head on in places like the United States, a key battleground for both companies.

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