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HTC One Makeover Rumored



The HTC One, which is currently only available in black or white, will apparently be getting a makeover at some point in the future as a new rumor suggests that the device will be getting not one, but two new colors at some point down the road.

Since it arrived earlier this year, we have known about a possible red HTC One, a device that emerged on HTC’s own website around the time the HTC One launched. And although HTC denied a future launch, it’s pretty hard to imagine that the company accidentally put a fake render of a red HTC One on its website. Instead, it’s likely coming to shelves in the future, the question is when.

The red HTC One could be joined by a blue HTC One.

The red HTC One could be joined by a blue HTC One.

More recently, the red HTC One popped up at an online retailer though the device has still not yet made it to shelves. The retailer then took down the listing.  According to a new report from Pocket-lint though, the red HTC One is not only still coming but it will be joined by another color.

The red HTC One is now said to be coming with a shade of blue which will help the red model compliment the current white and black models that are out on shelves. The shade of blue is not yet known, though judging by the red hue that we saw, it could be that it’s fairly bright. The devices will more than likely sport the same high-end hardware and software as the original HTC One models.

What we do know is that HTC is increasing production of the popular HTC One so now is as good of a time as any for the company to come out with some new options for consumers.

The new color options may not be the only new HTC Ones to hit shelves as the company is rumored to be coming out with a HTC One Nexus or HTC One Google Edition that would be running stock Android rather than Android with HTC’s Sense user interface over the top of it. The device is thought to be coming out before the end of the year but a launch date is still not known.

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