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HTC One Max Photo Reveals Enormous Design



While the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 design remains a locked away under lock and key, the HTC One Max has seemingly leaked out not once, but twice, ahead of its rumored launch date later this year. And in its latest photo leak, we see the HTC One Max next to a 4-inch Motorola device, showing off a design that is easily going to rival the Galaxy Note 3 in size.

Earlier this year, HTC and Samsung released competing smartphones in the forms of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4. Those devices remain competitors to this day, though, they will soon be joined by two larger competitors from both HTC and Samsung.

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The HTC One Max absolutely dwarfs this Motorola phone.

The HTC One Max absolutely dwarfs this Motorola phone.

Samsung is expected to announce the new Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phablet on September 4th ahead of IFA 2013. The device will replace the Galaxy Note 2, the company’s current large screened flagship. The Galaxy Note 3 though will have company as HTC is planning a larger version of the HTC One, currently dubbed HTC T6 or HTC One Max.

The HTC One Max has leaked out numerous times ahead of launch, like the Galaxy Note 3, but unlike the Galaxy Note 3, we think we know that the device will look like.

Earlier this week we saw the HTC One Max leak out for the camera and now, the device has done it again though this time, we get a sense of just how big this smartphone is going to be when it arrives.

Nowhereelse shares the above photo of the HTC One Max which shows it next to the Motorola XT882, a 4-inch smartphone, and it’s clear that the HTC One Max absolutely dwarfs its companion. It’s also clear that it will make the iPhone 5 look small as the device shares a 4-inch display.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch event is on for September 4th.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 launch is slated for September 4th.

We also get a glimpse of its metal design, similar to the HTC One. We also see a near edge-to-edge display that should sport 1080p resolution. It’s now clear that the HTC One Max is going to be a Galaxy Note 3 competitor and it’s looking like the devices may launch in close proximity to each other.

While the HTC One Max launch date isn’t yet known, with IFA coming up and leaks started to pick up speed, it’s clear that it’s getting closer to arrival and it could be that we see it emerge alongside the Galaxy Note 3 in early September.

Rumors suggest that it will have a 5.9-inch display, larger than the Galaxy Note 3’s, a quad-core processor, Ultrapixel camera and Android 4.3. It’s also said to be heading to Verizon Wireless at the very least.

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