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HTC One May Be the Perfect Smartphone for Concertgoers



The HTC One, which is set to debut at some point in March in the United States, is aiming to be an optimal choice for concertgoers as the device promises distortion free recording with its dual-membrane microphone set up.

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In February, HTC took the curtain down and introduced its new flagship smartphone, the HTC One, a device that was formerly known as the HTC M7. The device, which is slated to touch down in regions across the world later this month, will be heading to shelves packing some impressive features including a 1080p display, full metal design, quad-core processor and Android Jelly Bean.

The HTC One's dual membrane microphone could prove useful to concertgoers.

The HTC One’s dual membrane microphone could prove useful to concertgoers.

The HTC One will also be coming with a few other unique features, including two that HTC hopes will be a hit amongst concertgoers who love to film their memories.

HTC has outfitted the HTC One with an Ultrapixel camera that it claims is a vast improvement over other smartphones on the market including the iPhone 5’s 8MP camera. And while that should mean that the quality of video will be improved over last year’s models, there is of course, another key aspect to filming video and that’s the sound.

In a post, HTC outlines how the HTC One will be an optimal phone for those not only looking to capture beautiful sound, but great sound as well. Those who have used older phones can attest the poor sound quality that often comes with videos shot in noisy environments like concerts. The HTC One, with its built-in “dual-membrane” microphones aims to put an end to poor sound quality in places like concerts.

The HTC One is set to arrive later this month.

The HTC One is set to arrive later this month.

The HTC One features dual-membrane MEMS microphones and each is focused on a specific task. One membrane focuses on high sensitivity and the other is focused on high sound pressure. According to HTC, when they are aligned, they create one sound which not only helps to mitigate background noise, but also produces a clearer sound, something that concertgoers can appreciate.

Other smartphones featuring single membrane microphones will produce much rougher sounding video in loud environments with audio sounding less crisp and that familiar hissing noise disrupting content.

This all, of course, is according to HTC who clearly wants to promote its phone ahead of launch. So it should be taken with a grain of salt, at least for now. Fortunately, the device is hitting shelves later this month which means that concertgoers should have a good idea about whether or not it lives up to HTC’s claims.

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