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The HTC One Mini Looks Like the iPhone 5



The rumored HTC One Mini, also known as the HTC M4, has leaked in a photo today showing it next to the larger HTC One. And with its 4.3-inch display, smaller than the HTC One’s 4.7-inch display, the HTC One Mini closely resembles another high-end smartphone on the market, the iPhone 5.

Rumors about the HTC One Mini have been swirling for weeks in the build up to the official launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on June 20th. The HTC One Mini will certainly be challenging the Galaxy S4 for smaller flagship supremacy this year with both devices pegged for arrivals this summer.

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The HTC One Mini next to the HTC One.

The HTC One Mini next to the HTC One.

Until today, the HTC One Mini itself had only emerged in a leaked render that depicted a device that looked decidedly like the larger HTC One flagship that HTC released earlier this year. And now, thanks to Engadget, we have our first look at HTC’s smaller HTC One model which is thought to be arriving sometime in August.

The photo showcases the HTC One Mini next to the larger HTC One and finally confirms what we thought we knew about its design. Unlike the plastic Galaxy S4 Mini, the HTC One Mini will arrive with a metal design just like the larger HTC One. And with its smaller display and elongated form factor, the device not only resembles a smaller HTC One but it also highly resembles the iPhone 5, Apple’s current flagship.

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The HTC One Mini looks a lot like the iPhone 5.

It’s also likely that the HTC One Mini will resemble the iPhone 5S as well, Apple’s rumored iPhone 5 successor that is thought to be coming with a similar design later on this year.

The HTC One Mini is thought to have a 720p display, dual-core processor, Ultrapixel camera that is capable of using HTC Zoe, Android 4.2.2 and Sense 5. It’s likely not going to come with the IR blaster that the larger version features.

The device still doesn’t have any rumored carriers though given that the Galaxy S4 Mini looks set for AT&T, the device has a solid chance of arriving in the United States.



  1. JM_66

    06/12/2013 at 1:08 pm

    Seriously? they aren’t even the same shape.

  2. JeffK

    06/13/2013 at 2:48 am

    Here we go again, everyone copying Apple

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