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HTC One Mini Nickname Headed to Retail



The HTC M4, which has been referred to as the HTC One Mini for a number of weeks now, is apparently going to be keeping its nickname at retail thanks to confirmation from a noted HTC leakster, a claim that has been backed by a user agent profile found at HTC’s website.

For weeks now, the HTC M4 has been dubbed the HTC One Mini thanks to its looks. The device resembles a smaller version of the flagship HTC One, thus, the miniature nickname. However, it appears that the HTC One Mini name is going to be more than just a nickname with HTC thought to be using that name at retail.

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The HTC One Mini will be a smaller version of the HTC One .

The HTC One Mini will be a smaller version of the HTC One .

Noted HTC leakster @LLabTooFeR says that the device has been “confirmed” to have the HTC One Mini name at launch. And while we could certainly take him at his word, a user agent profile from HTC’s website, first discovered by TechKiddy, suggests that he isn’t bluffing as the name “HTC One Mini’ is certainly visible in plain view.

The HTC One Mini lurking on HTC's website.

The HTC One Mini lurking on HTC’s website.

At this point, while unconfirmed by HTC, it’s clear that the HTC One Mini name is going to be the retail name for this device as it looks to compete with the similarly named Samsung Galaxy S4 this summer.

The HTC One Mini is now thought to be arriving sometime during the month of August to compliment the larger HTC One and compete against Samsung’s already official mini Galaxy S4.

HTC is thought to be keeping the metal design of the HTC One while shrinking the display to 4.3-inches and tacking on 720p resolution. That feature is seemingly confirmed by the user agent profile. It’s also thought to have a lesser dual-core processor, down from the quad-core processor of the larger HTC One.

Thus far, no specific release dates have been mentioned and carries also remain out of the picture. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini on the other hand appears set for an arrival on AT&T sometime in the near future, possibly as soon as July.

Samsung is hosting an event in late June where the the company figures to make all of its Galaxy S4 plans known.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Vivimagic

    06/15/2013 at 3:34 am

    Not going to lie. I really hope it is released in July. I need a replacement from a dead One S!

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