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HTC One Mini Release Date: All Signs Point to Summer



The HTC One Mini remains unannounced, its release date unknown, but all signs are pointing to a launch at some point this summer as HTC looks to challenge the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini.

HTC and Samsung both have spin-offs of their flagship devices on the way. In the case of Samsung and the Galaxy S4, it’s the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, Galaxy S4 Active and the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini which will be heading to shelves later on this year. In the case of the HTC One, it’s a rumored 5-inch HTC Butterfly S, a massive 5.9-inch phablet based on the One and the heavily rumored HTC M4, also known as the HTC One Mini.

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The HTC One Mini will likely be just a bit bigger than the iPhone 5.

The HTC One Mini will likely be just a bit bigger than the iPhone 5.

So far, the HTC One Mini itself has yet to leak on camera, but rumors have firmed enough to the point that it’s all but clear that it’s on the way. Thus far, rumors suggest that the device will sport a number of enticing features including a metal design like the HTC One, an Ultrapixel camera, and a 720p display that measures 4.3-inches.

It’s still not entirely clear when HTC plans to announce and release the HTC One Mini but so far, all signs are pointing to an arrival sometime this summer. The initial HTC M4 leak, which came from the reliable @evleaks, suggested that the device would likely emerge at the end of June. A more recent report suggested that the HTC One Mini could arrive in July, date unknown. And now, a report from the hit-or-miss Digitimes suggests that the HTC One Mini could emerge soon with its supply sources claiming that HTC will enter volume production in July.

This doesn’t help lock in a release date but it does point to something likely being in the works for sometime this summer with July emerging as a key month for the HTC One Mini.

Throw in the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is expected to arrive sometime after Samsung’s upcoming June 20th event in the United Kingdom, and a summer release date makes a lot of sense.

While the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini appears to be headed to AT&T, it’s still unclear where the HTC One Mini will land in the United States, if it even lands at all.

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