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HTC One mini Release Date Getting Closer



The HTC One mini, HTC’s smaller HTC One variant, is getting closer to release as the device has passed through the Global Certification Forum on its way to shelves.

Earlier this month, HTC announced the new HTC One mini, a 4.7-inch device that will be coming to compliment the larger HTC One and battle the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini, Samsung’s smaller flagship. The device is expected to arrive on shelves starting in August with a release for the United States planned for sometime this summer. Problem is, HTC isn’t saying exactly when it’s going to arrive.

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The HTC One mini release has moved closer.

The HTC One mini release has moved closer.

Fortunately, we know that we should have specific dates soon as the device has cleared one of its final hurdles on its way to shelves with the Global Certification Forum (GCF) showing the device passing through just a few days ago.

This approval means that the HTC One mini is just one step closer to release, a release that is said to be taking place on August 9th in the United Kingdom. What we also see is that the HTC One mini got approval for several GSM bands that are used by carriers in the United States. Thus far, we’ve heard that T-Mobile will be looking to carry the HTC One mini but so far, the carrier has yet to confirm it.

What is clear though is that HTC’s smaller version of the HTC One is close to arrival and will likely go on sale in just a few days in select regions around the world.

The HTC One next to the HTC One mini.

The HTC One next to the HTC One mini.

The device of course isn’t as powerful as the HTC One, though, it shouldn’t command as expensive of a price. The device is coming with a 720p display, full metal design, dual-core processor, Ultrapixel camera, and Android 4.2.2. It will also be coming with the new Sense 5 which means that it will have access to HTC BlinkFeed and HTC Zoe.

Should it come to T-Mobile USA, it will more than likely run on the carrier’s 4G LTE network which was deployed earlier this year and will be expanding throughout the year.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Reno

    07/25/2013 at 3:27 am

    The Silver edition is launching in the UK on August 9, but there is no information about the Black edition. Hopefully it will follow soon.

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