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HTC One Nexus Rumors Flare Up



While HTC stated publicly that it doesn’t have an HTC One Nexus in the works to battle the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus, a noted HTC leakster claims that one is still possible with a summer release mentioned as a possibility.

Earlier this week, at Google I/O, Google announced a new Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition, also called the Samsung Galaxy S4 Nexus, that will be coming to the Google Play Store on June 26th for $650. This device is going to be an unlocked version of the Galaxy S4 that comes with vanilla Android software, an unlocked bootloader, and quick updates, but also come with the Galaxy S4 design.

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The Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One are likely behind a spike in Galaxy and iPhone trade-ins.

Could we see an HTC One Nexus?

Almost immediately, consumers started to wonder whether or not we’d ever see an HTC One Nexus device, primarily because the HTC One features a sleeker, all metal design. HTC denied the existence of an HTC One Nexus right out of the gates with a company official stating that it didn’t have one in the works. Of course, that’s the company’s official line and even if it did have one in the works, it probably would not say.

Cue @LLabTooFeR, a noted HTC developer and leakster who claims that an HTC One Nexus, without Sense 5, is possible this summer. He states that the information is unofficial, which means it likely doesn’t come from HTC itself and which also means that the rumor is a bit flimsier than it would otherwise be.

We should note that he has a good track record when it comes to unofficial information about HTC’s plans so it’s entirely possible that Google and HTC have something cooked up. He also specifically mentions the HTC One Google Edition name so we know that an HTC One equivalent to the Galaxy S4 Nexus is what he is referring to.

Again, this is by no means confirmation of an HTC One Nexus. In fact, at this point, it seems unlikely. However, we have heard that some products skipped Google I/O including Android 4.3 and a white Nexus 4, so at this point, anything is possible.

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