HTC One S Android 4.2 & Sense 5 Outlook Grim for Some Users

After the cancellation of the HTC One S Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and Sense 5 update, a noted insider claimed that HTC was reconsidering its decision, at least for the Snapdragon S4 powered version of the One S. That update, while not official, still appears possible but the door appears to be closing on those that use the other version of the HTC One S.

In July, HTC, after initially promising the Sense 5 update for the HTC One, cancelled the update along with any future Android upgrades. The cancellation left many HTC One S owners frustrated given that the device was only a year old and had already seen the Sense 5 update confirmed for arrival. While HTC was mum on the specifics, it became clear that the cancellation had something to do with Qualcomm and more specifically, the processors on board the HTC One S.

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The HTC One S Android 4.2 and Sense 5 update may roll out, just not to some users.

The HTC One S Android 4.2 and Sense 5 update may roll out. But it likely won’t be for everyone.

HTC released two versions of the HTC One S, a One S powered by the Snapdragon S4 and an HTC One S, also known as the HTC VilleC2, that arrived with a lesser Snapdragon S3 processor. Rumors suggest that Qualcomm stopped supporting the Snapdragon S3 processor, leaving the HTC engineers to upgrade the Snapdragon S3’s drivers to work with Android 4.2, something that Qualcomm typically would do.

The company apparently did not want to expend the resources on such an endeavor, nor did it want to only update the Snapdragon S4 model, so it made the decision to cancel both updates.

Shortly afterward, noted HTC leakster @LLabTooFeR offered some hope for HTC One S owners claiming that HTC was reconsidering its decision for the HTC One S powered by the Snapdragon S4, but that no details had emerged about the HTC One S powered by the Snapdragon S3.

It’s now August, and there are no updates for either device, but things are looking increasingly grim for owners of the Snapdragon S3 powered HTC One S. @LLabTooFeR has chimed in, claiming that the update for the Snapdragon S3 model is unlikely to happen. This doesn’t rule out the update but it doesn’t increase its likelihood either.

HTC recently issued Android 4.2 and Sense 5 for the HTC One X, a device that arrived alongside the HTC One S last year, so it could be that we see something more concrete arrive for HTC One S owners in the near future. At this point though, at least for some users, the outlook is grim.