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HTC One S Sense 5 Update In Doubt



The HTC One S Sense 5 update, which was promised by HTC shortly after the arrival of the HTC One, is in doubt thanks to skepticism expressed by a noted HTC insider who says that there is a good chance that HTC may not release Sense 5 for the mid-range One S.

Several months ago, after the HTC One was introduced alongside the new HTC One flagship, HTC confirmed the new Sense 5 user interface for a number of older devices including the HTC One X+, HTC One X, HTC Butterfly and the mid-range HTC One S, a device that made its home on T-Mobile in the United States.

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While devices like the HTC One X+, One X and HTC Butterfly in particular have seen good news in regards to their Sense 5 updates, updates that will likely bring Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, the One S’ update has only seen the bad. Previously, we had heard that it “might” get Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. And now, we’re hearing an insider claim that there is a legitimate chance that Sense 5 may never make it to the device.

@LlabTooFeR, a notorious HTC insider and developer, claims that “high possibility” that HTC won’t release a Sense 5 update for the HTC One S. Whether that means Android 4.2 would be out of the picture as well remains unclear though it’s entirely possible that HTC could deliver Android 4.2 without Sense 5 on board.

The HTC One S may not get the new Sense 5.

The HTC One S may not get the new Sense 5.

He also claims that it will arrive with huge lag which can be interpreted one of two ways. One, that its release will lag behind the other updates. Or two, that it could come with lag within the user interface itself. As we’ve reported, T-Mobile HTC One owners who updated to Android 4.1 have encountered tons of lag within the interface of the new operating system.

HTC still hasn’t confirmed timing on any of its promised Sense 5 updates, meaning HTC One S owners, like owners of its other devices, remain in the dark about the software’s arrival. At the moment though, prospects of a Sense 5 update for the HTC One S appear to be much grimmer than the updates for HTC’s other devices.

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