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Don’t Expect an HTC One X Android 4.3 Update Any Time Soon



With Android 4.3 seemingly looming on the horizon, owners of Android devices are likely wondering if their manufacturer will skip Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and roll out Android 4.3 instead. In the case of the HTC One X, that answer, at this point, is no with a noted leakster claiming that it will get Android 4.2 but that Android 4.3 is likely far off in the distance.

Rumors of an Android 4.3 release in June or July have sprouted up in the days since Google failed to announce the software at Google I/O 2013. One rumor suggested that Google would release the software on June 10th alongside the white Nexus 4, only part of that is still possible given that the white Nexus 4 is on shelves, while another rumor seems to point to the update rolling out in July, rather than in June.

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The HTC One X Android 4.3 update is likely far off in the distance.

The HTC One X Android 4.3 update is likely far off in the distance.

At this point though, Android 4.3 remains unreleased and unofficial. But that hasn’t stopped rumors about specific devices from flowing. In fact, the July release date came attached to a rumor that suggested that the HTC One Nexus, set for arrival in June, would be getting the software a few weeks after its arrival.

Release dates for other devices not falling under the Nexus umbrella remain unclear but for owners of the HTC One X, any hope of an Android 4.3 update before an update to Android 4.2 have been seemingly dashed as @LLabTooFeR suggests that any information on that update is months away. He also again says that the HTC One X’s next update is Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean which will more than likely come with Sense 5 on board.

What this means is that the HTC One X will likely first get updated to Android 4.2, an update that is rumored for the summer but is still without a release date. After that, an Android 4.3 update could arrive. Again, this information isn’t official but given the source, it’s extremely likely that an HTC One X Android 4.3 update is far off in the distance.

Android 4.3 is expected to be another version of Jelly Bean though its features remain relatively unknown. Rumors of a new camera app and an upgrade to Bluetooth have emerged but thus far, they remain unconfirmed.



  1. KC

    06/04/2013 at 8:01 pm

    The very reason why everyone tells me that it’s better and safer to buy the Nexus smartphones – first ones to get OTA Update of new Android. Guess I have to listen to them now. I’ve just got an HTC One, and I’m already concerned that it will not get any updates any time soon. It’ll definitely be a Nexus for me, the next time.

  2. Tony

    06/05/2013 at 8:42 am

    Why would this HTC device update be any different than other HTC device update…late, or even worse, never. The achielles heel of HTC.

  3. Jack Houx

    06/06/2013 at 12:23 pm

    Adam needs to find something to do with his time, he’s always all over the board, it’s coming , no it’s not,.I’m tired of your posts.

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