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HTC Re Camera Gets YouTube Live Video Streaming Support



Over the past few months HTC has been putting a lot of effort into photography and selfies with the new HTC Desire Eye smartphone, and the new HTC Re Camera aimed at the GoPro, but they aren’t done just yet. Today HTC announced its little wearable camera will get live video streaming to YouTube starting tomorrow.

At CES the announcements and features for all types of gadgets have been in no short supply, but between all the excitement HTC took a moment to reveal this new feature is coming soon to its own little camera.

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Beginning tomorrow, after an update to its app, the HTC Re Camera will have an option for live video streaming directly to YouTube. This means you won’t have to get home from an adventure or Football game and upload the video later, it’ll all be uploaded and streamed live.


Of course the benefit of this is exactly as we stated above. You can live stream sporting events, outdoor adventures, or anything else for that matter. Great for friends and family to tune into family events, children sports activities, and much more. Then you’ll have the entire video already uploaded once it’s done, rather than having to do so later.

From our understanding all HTC Re owners will need to do is download or update the accompanying HTC Re camera app on their smartphone, and you’ll be able to initiate live video streaming to YouTube from the app. Simply sign into your YouTube account and “easily share the moment” live. Here’s how HTC described it.

With the Re app, sign in to your YouTube channel and activate live streaming. Once verified, broadcasting from your RE is a snap. Any live footage you wish to share is transmitted directly from RE to your smartphone, which then sends your broadcast to your YouTube channel.

The updated app will be live in the Google Play Store tomorrow, January 9th for Android users, and HTC confirmed the app for iPhone will be released sometime in the first quarter of 2015, pending approval by Apple of course.

It looks like HTC will be busy pushing some updates and new features out to its little camera tomorrow, and if latest news and rumors are accurate, many HTC smartphones should see updates to Android 5.0 Lollipop in the coming weeks as well.

The HTC Re Camera is available from, AT&T, Best Buy,, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless in multiple color options starting at $199.

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