HTC Rhyme Available Today At Verizon Wireless
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HTC Rhyme Available Today At Verizon Wireless



Ladies, are you excited? Today is the day you can finally buy the HTC Rhyme, Verizon Wireless’ newest Android handset. Guys, you might be excited by this, too, but Verizon and HTC obviously believe that women will adore this purple phone and its matching accessories. Just look at the commercial they’re running for it:

I’ll take a cue from Microsoft here to say: Really?

If that commercial doesn’t put you off, the Rhyme is actually a pretty sweet-looking phone. Check out our hands-on for more details and pics. And Sense 3.5 brings a lot of nice extras to the table that both men and women will like. And I must admit I dig the idea of the charm, especially since I am always missing calls.

A note to the guys: there are covers for the Rhyme that will conceal the purpletasticness of it if you’re interested but don’t feel you can pull off the look. Some of the accessories come in white… except the charm.

The HTC Rhyme costs $199 with a 2-year contract — a good price considering it comes with so many accessories in the box. However, it’s capable of 3G only, so you can’t take advantage of Verizon’s speediest network. I guess women don’t need fast data?

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