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HTC Sensation 4G Android 4.0 Update Coming ‘Very Soon’



We have been keeping an eye on the HTC Sensation Android 4.0 update page over on T-Mobile and today, the carrier updated it saying that the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update for the device has gone through testing and that it will be available to owners ‘very soon’.

Of course, soon in carrier speak and soon in consumer speak are two different things which means that we could see the update roll out at any point. Days, weeks or months.

In fact, evidence surfaced recently which indicated that the HTC Sensation 4G Android 4.0 update might not roll out until June 16th. That might also be the date that the update finishes its roll out, so May is still a possibility, especially now that the carrier has confirmed that testing of the update is complete.

HTC Sensation 4G Android 4.0 Update Coming 'Very Soon'

We think that the tone of the post seems to hint at a roll out happening sooner rather than later so that’s definitely some good news for those that were worried about the possibility of a long wait.

As for T-Mobile’s other flagship devices like the HTC Amaze 4G and the Samsung Galaxy S II, we still don’t have any details other than a leak that seemed to point to a roll for the Amaze 4G on June 16th and a roll out for the Galaxy S II on May 14th.

Samsung recently posted an Android 4.0 update release page for U.S. carriers and rather suspiciously, T-Mobile’s devices were the only ones left off the list.

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Still, it would appear that T-Mobile was targeting May so it’s possible that we may see it roll out later this month.

As for those with the HTC Sensation 4G, be on the look out for an update in the near future, an update that should make the experience on the device a much better one.



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