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HTC Sense 5 Updates Could Be Missing Key Feature



HTC has said that its new HTC Sense 5 software will be coming to older devices and we’ve already heard about a few that might be getting it. However, HTC also said that some features might not be on board those Sense 5 updates and now, we have a bead on at least one Sense 5 feature that might not make the cut.

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Shortly after the debut of the HTC One and with it, the new Sense 5, HTC confirmed that it would be bringing the new software skin to older devices. While confirming the update for the global variants of the HTC One X, One X+, HTC One S and HTC Butterfly, HTC was quick to note that some features enabled by the HTC One hardware would not be available on those devices with their Sense 5 updates.

The HTC One features a unique Ultrapixel camera.

The HTC One features a unique Ultrapixel camera.

One of those features will likely be Sense TV, software that takes advantage of the HTC One’s IR port and transforms the device into a universal remote. However, thanks to a noted HTC leakster and some new information from HTC, it appears that a much bigger feature could be in doubt for some of HTC’s older devices.

Earlier today, an HTC employee went on record talking about why the company chose the HTC One’s Ultrapixel camera. One of the main reasons is selected a 4MP Ultrapixel sensor was because it could keep the file sizes down. And one of the benefits of that, according to HTC, is that the Ultrapixel camera can handle shooting videos and photos at the same time. That feature is of course called HTC Zoe, a main component of HTC Sense 5.

That seemed to be a subtle hint that some older devices with larger MP cameras may not get that feature down the line, and now, another source has chimed in with his thoughts.

Noted HTC leakster LlabTooFer, in a response to an inquiry about whether the HTC One X would get HTC BlinkFeed and HTC Zoe with Sense 5, says that the update will “probably” bring HTC BlinkFeed but that he is “not sure” about HTC Zoe.

While this doesn’t necessarily mean that HTC Zoe isn’t coming in future Sense 5 updates for older devices, and keep in mind his response was for the HTC One X only, it does, along with HTC’s rhetoric, seem to cast some doubt on HTC Zoe being on board for older devices.

None of the other devices have an Ultrapixel camera, one of the big hardware features of the HTC One. So while users of the HTC One X, One X+ and One S shouldn’t count the feature out yet, it’s looking like its absence could be a distinct possibility.

Sense 5 is currently rumored to be heading to a number of older devices within Android 4.2 updates. HTC has not yet confirmed updates for these devices so it’s unclear just when they might roll out.

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