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HTC Sense UI to be a ‘Sensation’ on Tablets?



It looks like HTC may be evolving its proprietary and customer user interface overlay on its upcoming tablet products. The company calls its custom UI HTC Sense on its smartphone, but a recent trademark filing in the EU for the term ‘HTC Sensation’ may reveal that HTC Sense may get a new name in future product offerings.

Given that the patent filing is broadly filed for “user interface software; computer hardware and software for user interfacing, telecommunications and telecommunications services,” which may suggest that HTC Sense itself may evolve to be called HTC Sensation for use on both smartphones and tablets, it’s unclear if HTC intends for the Sensation UI to be an evolution of HTC Sense across all platforms and products–to keep continuity and avoid consumer confusion–or if it will call its UI Sense on smartphones while reserving Sensation for tablets.

Via: The Next Web


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