HTC ThunderBolt Extended Battery Finally Back in Stock

One of the biggest faults of the HTC ThunderBolt is its horrible battery life. Luckily, there is a way to solve that issue in the form of the ThunderBolt’s official HTC 2750mAh Extended Battery. However, it’s a tough accessory to find.

HTC ThunderBolt Extended Battery

Amazon and Verizon, at least online, are both sold out of the Extended Battery and there is no telling when they might receive more. If you’re willing to take a different route though, there are some available right now through

You’ll also have to fork over a little more dough in order to get it as it’s $60 through ShopAndroid as opposed to the $50 you’d pay at Verizon. So if you can get over spending a few extra dollars, supplies are available until they are sold out.

There is also a chance you could find one in a local Verizon store so before you pull the trigger online, it might be worth placing a phone call or taking a trip down to the one nearby your house or office.

Believe us, while the battery might bulk up the phone, it’s certainly worth picking up especially if the battery woes are driving you nuts.

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